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Quest Log | CLOSED

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Quest Log | CLOSED Empty Quest Log | CLOSED

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:57 am

The Quest Log is where members can find tasks specific to their characters occupation that need to be completed. These tasks may be for one person or may require a group that may be specific to your characters occupation or include others of different jobs to accompany you. Additional info about Quests can be found HERE.

How it works
Tasks may only be completed one time per character. Members have a chance to be a part of someone else's task as a 'helper'. If you completed a assassination request but wish to help someone else with theirs, you may do so. Think of it as helping a fellow player in a video game. Tasks are updated when needed. Old tasks are archived and can be pulled up at anytime for new and old users to complete if you haven't done them already. Make sure to log your quests in your trackers!

Quest Log Status
Quest Log is closed and cannot be in progress during Events. You can pick them back up when events are finished. If the title says "Open" you are free to choose a quest and get started on it. If the Quest log says "Closed" quests may not be available or an Event is going on. If the log says "Idle" all available quests are being worked on and no new ones are available at this time.

Quests for 2018
No quests are available at this time.

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