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Questing, Hunting, Dueling

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Questing, Hunting, Dueling Empty Questing, Hunting, Dueling

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:39 am

There are many RP activities for characters to interact and participate. These include, Hunting, Dueling and Questing. Each activity has it's own amount of skills to be earned and distributed to the skills of your choice and experience points to increase your characters level in the Roleplay. Point amounts may change at any time.

Dueling is player vs player interactions between characters. Duels can be one-on-one, or in pairs. Both parties must agree to the duel. Duels should be labeled with the dueling icon that looks like this - Questing, Hunting, Dueling 2145 A witness must be present for the duel to count.

Hunts are classified in two ways: Solo and Party hunting. Solo hunts are characters who hunt alone and usually takes a bit more effort to have a successful hunt. A hunting party consists or 2-6 players all hunting together. Hunting Game are labeled accordingly as some require a party while others can be done alone. Same goes for predator hunting. Hunting threads are classified using the Questing, Hunting, Dueling 36410 icon.

Quests are kept in the Quest Log. Quests are added once a month if needed. Quests may be suggested by fellow members at any time. If all quests are taken for the month, the Quest Log is closed until the next month starts and new quests are added. Quests are identified by the Questing, Hunting, Dueling 452 icon.

Additional Info
All roleplay activities cease during events. Each activity affects the status bars a certain way. Members may submit a form for their stats to be adjusted and staff will review posts for the indications of adjustments needing to be be made. How this works? If you character sustains an injury during an activity, this is indicated in red text. If the character uses their magic or element, this is indicated in blue text. If the character suffers from any sort of hunger hardship, this is indicated in brown text. If the character suffers from acts of Will, this is indicated by white text. Stats are adjusted by the admins judgement of choices during hardships of their activities. If you have any questions, please let us know?

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