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Contacting Us!

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Contacting Us! Empty Contacting Us!

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 29, 2018 10:22 pm

Sometimes the Founder can't be around the forums, but we sure do have other ways of communications to make sure needs are met and all matters are addressed in a timely manner. Below are a few method to get in contact with the Founder, as we do not currently have need for a full staff team. These methods are to be informative only. All matters will be addressed within the forums, but sending an email about something going on will get our attention and addresed as quickly as possible.

Note: Contact methods may be added at anytime.

Please subject your messages with what the purpose is for your contact and include your username in the message as proof you belong to the forums. You may include links, screenshots, quotes etc., as needed to explain the reason for your contact. A valid email is required to send and receive messages from the founder. yourfantasydp@gmail.com

Private Messages
Perhaps the most efficient way to get ahold of the founder is PMs. These are checked upon entering the forum and before leaving it. Subjects should be the reason for your contact. The more details we have, the better since this is an internal way of communication.

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