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Isabelle Pierce

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Isabelle Pierce  Empty Isabelle Pierce

Post by Isabelle Pierce on Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:34 pm

Full Name: Isabelle Peirce
Nickname: Belle
Gender: Female
Age: 19 years
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual/Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Current Kingdom: Calderon
Current Ranking: Assassin
Abilities: (still deciding)

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 115 lbs
Skin Tone: Caucasian - Olive toned
Lip Type & Shading: Luscious and plump with a creamy pink color
Hairstyle & Color: Golden blonde wavy locks that she tends to straighten. Her bangs often hang in front of her face or to the sides
Eye Color: Bright blue
Body Type: Slender and toned
Birthmarks: A pink to red blotch of skin between her index finger and thumb on the left hand
Piercings: Both of Isabelle’s ears are pierced
Scarring: One simple and thin white scar rests across her upper right cheek
Tattoos: An orange monarch butterfly rests on outer left thigh
Clothing Style: Long dresses anywhere in whatever color that suits her fancy that day; while she is not on a mission that is. When on the job, she will wear dark long tight fit pants and matching dark tank top. During the colder months, a furry beige colored coat will be added. For footing attire, it also depends on the season and if there is a job involved: heels or lace up boots.
Weapons: A long knife is kept hidden on her at all times but, while she also has has a bow with poisonous arrows will be added.
Mount: Khan -  a dapple grey Andalusian stallion who can be ridden or hitched to a carriage to pull. He is still in training as he tends to be skittish around certain people and sounds. Despite his flaws, he is a good companion.
Pet(s): Kapu -  a large ivory colored male dire wolf with golden orbs that escorts Isabelle wherever she goes. The beast never seems to leave her side no matter the situation. He acts as her right hand man, per say. He was rescued as a young pup from the girl and raised up as if he were an ordinary canine however, he does seem to have an overprotective personality.

Personality Traits: Fierce, loyal, elegant, kind- hearted, honest
Favorite Colours: It always comes down to silver, gold, white or blue
Favorite Music: Anything played on the violin or harp
Favorite Animal: Dire wolves
Mental Scars: She suffers from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because she saw her mother murdered in front of her as a small child. Since that day she swore to find who that aslant and take out her revenge
Habits/Flaws: Over spending her money on things she does not need is her main habitat. As for flaws: she gives her heart out too quickly and
Interests:  Weapons, animals, nature, jewelry, balls/fancy parties, shopping
Hobbies: Collecting the finest jewelry that tends to steal from those she murders
Talents: Assassinating anyone if the price is right
Strengths & Weaknesses: Coming soon.

Family Ties: Aurora - mother deceased
        Cersei   - step mother alive
        Renier - father - alive
        Edward  - older brother - alive
        Jessica - younger step sister - alive
Other Relatives: Coming soon

The Past: Coming soon

Isabelle Pierce
Isabelle Pierce

Time Chrystals : 789

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