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Rules and Guidelines

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Rules and Guidelines Empty Rules and Guidelines

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:48 am

I. One account per user. DP asks that we only have one character per user unless said otherwise. If the staff has reason to believe that multiple accounts are being used, we will take disciplinary actions as abided by the sites warning system.

II. We accept all forms and levels of RP. You can become an expert without being a beginner. DP encourages users to improve their writing skills, all while enjoying a fun and interactive roleplay.

III. Keep content PG-13. Our main content should be pg-13. Please be sure to mark threads accordingly, as said in the Thread Marker guide.. Reader discretion is advised. Usernames must remain PG, no exceptions.

IV. Register using your characters name. Names can only be used once. If someone has a name you want and they are active, you need to change your request. We encouge creativity with character names so it isn't confusing. If a user has been sent to the inactive group for longer than a month, you may register their name.

V. Art theft will not be tolerated! Please refrain from using art that belongs to someone else without their permission. We do check. Disciplinary action will be taken and the art removed if needed.

VI. Avoid overly graphical content. Keep sexual intercourse and excessive blood battles or duels out of the RP. Events leading to these things are image enough; timeskip the details.

VII. Do not power play. You are not indestructible. All characters must have a weakness or flaws.

VIII. No backseat moding. Simply report a post and staff will take care of it. Same goes for any actions done around the site.

IX. Chat should be PG. We want chat to be a fun place to be where users can communicate and interact comfortably and Express themselves. Let's keep it clean, shall we?

X. We have a RECOMMENDED post count. We prefer 5 sentences or more for roleplay posts. One liners are okay, but the more your post buddy has to reply to, the better the roleplay will be for both of you.

XI. Liquid time is allowed. Your character be in more than one thread at a time. The max thread count at one time per character is 3, no more. Must be kept in a timeline-like fashion.

XII. Children can be roleplayed no younger than 6 years old. Must be parented.

XIII. You can RP your own NPCs. All should be kept third person view. (ie. Sandy called for the guard whose name she didnt know and sent him off to warn the king of the horrors that were about to unfold.)

XIV. All questions must be addressed in the Help Desk forum unless personal. Your question could be the same as another. If same questions arise often, they are added to the Frequently Asked topic. Be sure to view it before creating a topic.

XVNo Attention Seekers please. We don't appreciate people doing things to gets attention. Same goes for saying things in chat.

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