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Lorenzo DeSalvo

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Lorenzo DeSalvo Empty Lorenzo DeSalvo

Post by Lorenzo DeSalvo on Sat Sep 22, 2018 7:03 pm

.: Basic Information :.

Full Name: Lorenzo DeSalvo
Nicknames: Enzo; this is what he prefers to be called.
Age: 18 years old
Gender: Male
Voice: Le Voice
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual - attracted to those of the opposite sex
Relationship Status: Single
Current Kingdom: Calderon, if he’s not in the other kingdoms markets that is
Current Rank: Thief/Outcast
Abilities: Magician - mastered the art of magic

.: On The Outside :.

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175 lbs
Skin Tone: Pale/white
Lip Shade: A very pale pink, almost alike his skin
Hairstyle: Semi long and spikey but, kept nicely cut and cleaned. His bangs overlay his face most of the time.
Hair Colour: Black
Facial Hair: Most of the time Enzo is clean shaved
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Body Type: Muscular and lean
Birthmarks: None that he is currently aware of
Scars: All across his back there are long ivory scars from a whip and the most obvious is rather large “X” shaped one across his chest.
Tattoos: Currently none but, in the future he plans to add some
Clothing: Long dark pants, a typical short charcoal grey sleeved shirt which also includes a matching dark sheath for his weapons and boots. At times he will have a long black and red jacket with a stand up collar draped over his shoulders. He can also be seen with leather like gloves on both hands.
Weapons: Constantly Enzo has a serrated edge dagger, two katanas swords that are sheathed on his back, multiple throwing knives and multiple knives hidden within his jacket and boots. At times he will also have a bow and arrow set that he tends to use for hunting

Note, he will also use his magic talents as a weapon if needed

Mount: Diablo is a 15 hand high friesian stallion with a small star on his forehead that is mostly covered by his forelock. The stud is one of the most loyal horses Enzo has ever come across and trained. Enzo has had the horse ever since he was a colt; one of his mothers mares offspring. Diablo will wait patiently while he is stealing from merchants either until his rider mounts him, jumps from above onto his back or whistles a special song. Interesting training methods include the whistled tone that the animal knows to come to and will only will cooperate correctly if Enzo is the rider holding the reins. His personality though is more simple, he’s a serious horse but can be playful at times.

Pet(s): Luana is Enzo’s best friend. She is a snow leopard saber hybrid. Her coat is darker than others of her species and her orbs take on the same icy blue as her masters. When shes fully grown, Luana will be large enough that Enzo can ride atop her back if needed. Slowly Enzo is beginning to train her in aiding him in hunting and scouting. Later on, she will be trained to be mounted bareback and rode. It is not uncommon to see her prowling at his side. Her personality matches Enzo’s expect that she only seems to like him and can be more of a sweetheart than him. Note, she is just a kitten at this time and is able to squeeze into his pockets.

.: In Depth :.

Personality Traits:
Truly, Enzo is a man willing to charge straight into a battle. Calling himself an honourable man he swore an oath to himself to always stand up for what he believes is right and to protect those he cares most about. Lacking fear he never second guesses his actions or motives behind them. Without thinking at times he has no fear of speaking his mind towards those that are wrong.

When it comes to battle or playful sparring there is always an aggression behind his swings. Though it is not always intended, it has become a part of him. Years of training hardened part of his heart, he says, and cause him to lash out with this attitude. Those that do not know him can usually assume he is a cold hearted man. Rarely however his words have this aggression behind them as he tends to constantly be calm and collected.

Once Enzo swears an oath to someone, they can count on him for the remainder of their life. No matter what the cause or the outcome he will be there by their side. His loyalty to others is one thing he feels defines his being in this world. Never once has he ever turned his back on anyone or anything and he intends to keep it that way. Alongside his loyalty, respect follows. However the two are not always together. He is only loyal to some but, his respect goes to all. As soon as anyone disrespects him, he will return it just as coldly.  

Despite being laid back most of the time Enzo is a real jokester. If the tension in the air is heavy outside of the battlefield, he will crack a joke in attempt to ease the mode. His jokes are always appropriate for whatever the situation is as he always thinks them through before speaking. Though the jokes will increase around maidens, verbally and physically. Eyebrows wiggles are usually included around the women or flicking his ebony hair to the side. Being a respectable man though, if a woman is already claimed by another he will not flirt. Given the chance to flirt with a lady or crack a joke with anyone, he will.

Lastly, Enzo is flat out cocky because he knows he is good at what he does whether it be stealing from anyone or about his physical looks. He is not ashamed of bragging about himself in both aspects either and will bust a moment of silence just to talk about it. Though he is never annoying with it honestly as most would say. Afterall if he wasn’t good at robbing people, why hasn’t he been caught? He sometimes says it’s because those chasing after him become blinded by his good looks.

Clothing Style: Unalike most men of this time period Enzo prefers to dress himself in relativity dark clothing at all times. On rare special occasions shades of crimson, gold or charcoal will be added to his outfits. The outfits themselves usually tend to include long hosen, a typical long sleeved shirt with a stand up collar which also includes a matching dark sheath for his weapons and boots. At times he will have a long black and red hooded cloak draped over his shoulders.

Favorite Colour: The darkest of all shades; black. Unless this includes anything shiny such as ruby, sapphire, emerald and so on.

Favorite Animal: Anything with claws and fangs or hooves

Favorite Music: Enzo prefers anything upbeat and faster paced

Mental Scars: Throughout his entire childhood Enzo can recall his father returning home staggering and slurring his words with the foul stench of alcohol on his breath. Adding the substance together with his father’s ill temper unfortunately led to many beatings for his mother, siblings and himself which has forever left its mark on him; both mentally and physically.

Habits/Flaws: He tends to stay to himself unless someone sparks his interest. Sidelong glances usually indicate he is highly interested in somethings that can either be right in front of him or to the side; obviously. However if a maiden so happens to peak his interest the faint flush of his cheeks will occur. Whenever it comes to women however, Enzo is a bit of a flirt yet, if he is ever engaged with one special lady though he plans on staying loyal only to her and ending his flirtatious days. Whenever he feels the need to speak his mind, he will; no matter the other parties rank which obviously can be an issue.

Interests: The night sky and the silence that the darkness brings has always peeked his attention as he feels it brings a different beauty into the world that most tend to ignore due to fear of what lurks within the shadows.

The forest has always been one of his favorite locations ever since his boyhood. Whenever his father would return home drunk from liquor, he would always flee into the treelines to hide from the rage that would soon follow. As he grew, Enzo taught himself to climb to the tops of the tallest trees and gaze out over the landscapes from an almost birds eye view.

Like most men during his era, he enjoys his sharp shiny objects. At peaceful times he often can be found within the forests grasp sharpening his weapons.Or he can be found at the market being a real klepto and snatching more weapons for his collection.

Also he enjoys training any creature with the appropriate mindset and will for whatever task it is being trained in. Before his thieving days, he was paid to train horses for whatever purpose. Animals have always held a spot in his heart as he will only take the life of one if needed. Currently he is training his own saber toothed snow kitten.
Hobbies: Collecting weapons of any sort and keeping them in tact. Enzo also enjoys taking long strolls or riding into the forest to enjoy nature on his downtimes whenever he is not sparring with a willing party.

On a darker side, his top hobby is stealing. The klepto has an eye for anything sharp or shiny and will take anything from anyone. Over the years he has grown rather good at doing this and is a wanted felon of sorts by the royal court and it’s guards. Though he has made a sort of cat and mouse game with this.

Talents: Horsemanship, pirating/thieving, sword battles, spying, training animals

Strengths & Weaknesses: If you had not already guessed, Enzo’s strengths are battling, leading, weaponry, spying and communication. As for his weaknesses those can be found in any form of alcohol, finding him unarmed and off guard. Another weakness can be in the form of having his heart broken or using those he cares about against him.

.: Family & Relations :.

Family Ties:  Maria - Mother (Alive)
Stefano - Father (Deceased)
Amelia - Youngest Sister (Alive)
Elijah - Older Brother (Alive)
Marco - Younger Brother (Alive)

Children: Enzo has no children as of yet

Other Relatives: Drogo - Uncle (Deceased)
 Jon - Uncle (Alive)
   Ignis - Cousin (Alive)
   Prompto - Cousin (Alive)
   Gladiolus - Cousin (Alive)
   Yara - Cousin (Alive)
   Arya - Cousin (Alive)
  Yuna - Cousin (Alive)
  Lulu - Aunt (Deceased)
  Harmony - Aunt (Alive)

.: Looking Back to the Past :.
Still a WIP

Theme Song:

Fun fact, Enzo barely ever smiles
Lorenzo DeSalvo Noctis-lucis-caelum
Lorenzo DeSalvo Newspic-72262
Lorenzo DeSalvo
Lorenzo DeSalvo

Time Chrystals : 838

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