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Experience Empty Experience

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:26 pm

DP likes to give characters something to strive for. Other than earning Time Chrystals for Zaros' Store, you can earn Experience, which is used to display your characters level of power against your fellow peers. Experience is gained solely by your interactions in RP.

How it works
Experience factors into PVP more specifically, but also factors into your characters ability to defeat enemies. Below, is a chart that shows how much experience you can potentially earn by completing one of the RP activities. Contests and events will also earn your character experience.

  • Duels - up to 15 experience
  • Hunting Solo - 10 exp per completed hunt
  • Hunting Party - 20 exp distributed among party members per completed hunt
  • Solo Quest - 10 exp per quest completed
  • Party Quest - 30 exp distributed among members per completed quest.
  • Character Occupation - 20 experience no matter the task given
  • Events - Vary
    Contests - Vary

Exp. Distribution of Parties
Parties of both dueling and hunting will receive the above experience points to split between one another no matter how large the part is as long as it is more than one person completing the activity.

Experience points are to be documented in Trackers as proof that you earned them. When are finished with a task, staff will reward the experience to your character accordingly; same thing goes for character occupations.

Time Chrystals : 746

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