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Character Occupations

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Character Occupations Empty Character Occupations

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:57 pm

DP allows all characters to have occupations. A job earns Time Chrystals for Zaros shop. Characters age 17+ can have an occupation. If you are 13-16, you are in Saporas Survival school. If you are 6-12, you are a growing child, free to do as you please. Occupations can be changed by request, but you are subjected to your first choice for a month in rp. Occupations can be added at any time.

The prince is an heir to the throne. He is usually offspring of the King or Queen. Princes focus specifically on the defense of the kingdom.

Another heir to the throne, the princess oversees the knowledge and upbringing of the kingdom. Princesses are subjected to many suitors as well.

Assists royal in their duties. Advisers run the kingdom in their absence. Advisors are extremely trusted by the royals and has a main responsibility of following the royal about and taking care of political matters throughout the kingdom.

Specifically skilled in anything warfare, Warlords are stationed at the borders of the kingdoms. They are considered to be a line of defense before any enemy reaches the castle. Warlords control the armies of their destined kingdom.

A Lord is one of the royal court. If anything happened to the prince, a Lord would take his place and advisers would then follow his rule. If they aren't controlling a kingdom, Lords are usually shadowing the prince and working closely with the Advisers on political matters.

Also a member of the court, the Lady shadows the Princess. A Lady will often take on responsibilities of the princess but she also takes on medical and nursing care as well in addition to her political responsibilities.

A step down from warlord, Captains lead the charge into battle. A part of royal court, they are known for their skills in battle but more specifically they know the members of the army. Captains oversee training that lead to one joining the army as well. Captains will replace a warlord in a time of need, should something happen to him or her.

Guards roam just about anywhere in the kingdom. They are post at castle walls, along hallways, enforcing the law of their cities and villages. Guards are the defense within and around the castle as well as out in cities or villages. They accompany hunts, oversee fairness of duels and follow suit in quests as well.

These people are basically at the bottom of the food chain aside from beggar. They carry out any task given to them, preferably without question. Servant are mostly in the castle, some in the villages or cities. Servants attend to both structure, desires, and tending to themselves.

These teachers are found mainly within Saporas' Survival School. Mentors teach the younger generation all they need to survive in Vanora. Mentors can be asked to teach just about anything.

Knights have similar work to guards, only more personal than a guard. Practically armed to the teeth, knights address themselves with making sure members of the Coucil are kept guarded with the highest priority in mind. Knights are considered one of the court.

Skilled with herbs and medicines, a physician has a great role to play as well as other occupations within the kingdom. Also addressed as Healer, a physician helps with illness, injuries, general checkups, births, and other health related things. Physicians work closely with the Princess.

The thrill of a hunt rings high in the ears of a Huntsman. A huntsman mainly hunts animals. Skilled in the art of hunting, huntsman are great at tracking and, therefore, it doesn't have to be an animal that they are tracking. Huntsman are often needed in hunting parties, tracking a runaway, looking for any rule breaker and any other task that requires a good hunt strategy.

The borders of every kingdom are protected by patrolman. This particular job consists of stalking the boundaries of their kingdom to ensure the safety of outer villages in Vanora. Patrolman work closely with Guardsmen, Captains and Warlords to keep the peace. Often, patrolmen will be lurking about in villages and cities on their break and are great tools in knowing town gossip.

No permissions are given to enter a kingdom without permission from the Gatekeep. In charge of the gates held at every front of the three castles, the Gatekeeper is charged with the duty to check all who come to the gate. He or she stands guard and checks all carts and bags and purpose of all who choose to enter the castle. If suspicions arouse, you could end up in the dungeon! Guards are also present with Gatekeepers as well as Captains. Like Guards, gatekeepers take shifts.

Assassins are an underlying group or individual skilled in the arts of secrets activities. Usually hired for murderous tasks, assassins keep themselves on the down low. They have the opportunity to use disguises and making a fake identity to aid in their given objective.

Thieves serve well into their given name. So much an occupation than it is a title, Thieves risk their own for anything worth of value, or not, so long as it's worth having. They are found in groups or as individuals. They carry similar traits as an assassin, but usually aren't a hired help. A thief is cunning, but sometimes not. The life of a thief remains forever missing from the scribes.

You've got mail! The messenger is responsible for any and all things related postage. They travel by horseback, cart, or foot to deliver items or messages to people all around Vanora. Messengers also take on the role of Ambassador. Messengers accompany troops to war camps and relay any messages and deliver supplies as needed. Messengers can be in groups and may be accompanied by a guard or two for safe travel of goods.

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