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Character Creation Guidelines

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Character Creation Guidelines Empty Character Creation Guidelines

Post by Admin on Sun Sep 23, 2018 5:57 pm

Character age: Roleplaying as a child starts at 6 years old. This way the character can still explore and interact with other characters. The highest age is 60 years. Characters past this age must be retired. Character age 12 to 16 must attend Saporas’ Survival School. Aging a character requires a timeskip.

Death/leave: Players are open to the how they choose the death or leave of their character. If you would like to bring an old character back, you will need to purchase a Ressurrection Stone before doing so. The stone stays in the resurrected characters inventory. If your character leaves and comes back, you need to add it to their history.

Marital Status: Characters can be single, married, separated, widowed, ect. If no one plays as your significant other, please be sure to keep it third-person view and minimized. Weddings and such are done through character plots only.

Sexual Orientation: We are open to all forms of stature including pansexual, heterosexual, homosexual, transsexual, etc.

History: Characters a naturally born in Vanora. Histories saying otherwise are considered incomplete. No exceptions. Still be creative.

Species: All of us are strictly human. No exceptions.(other species may be available at a later date)

Weapons: You can get a bit creative with this, just remember it is a medieval era.

Clothing: Nothing overly showy if private areas but otherwise this is open for creativity as well.

Flaws: All characters are subjected to flaws. You are not indestructible.

Skin Color: We are open to all realistic skin colors. Unrealistic colors can happen if Skin Dye is bought from Zaros Shop.

Height/Weight: Keep these to realistic proportions. Use "lbs" for weight and "ft" for height.

Family/Relatives: Members can RP their characters relatives; keep it in third-person view.

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